Camera Ready Paper

The camera ready paper must be submitted through EDAS. Login into EDAS system, select your paper and the camera ready submission link is available in the "Final manuscript" row.

Electronic Paper Submission

When you have your document file ready and well prepared according to the guidelines and requirements available at Authors Guidelines, gather the following information before entering the submission system:

  • Document file in PDF format
  • Affiliation, email address, and mailing address for each author
  • Paper title
  • Text file containing paper abstract text, in ASCII text format (for copying and pasting into web page form)

To submit your document and author information, go to the EDAS WMNC 2017 submission page and follow the instructions:

The submission system will present an entry form to allow you to enter the paper title, abstract text, author contact information and subject areas. For each paper, it is requested to enter ONE conference track.

ALL authors must be entered in the EDAS submission form, and must appear in the same order in which the authors appear on the PDF.

Camera-Ready Submission Guidelines

Camera Ready Preparation and Submission

Prepare the camera ready paper following the Authors Guidelines and templates. Papers should be no longer than 8 pages, including all text, figures and references. All fonts must be embedded.

Submit your camera ready paper. On the EDAS website, the authors should:

  1. Register to the conference
  2. Submit the copyright form
  3. Submit the final manuscript